We work with you

Our company has been in the waste disposal business for more than two decades, and has been an integral partner in keeping the environment safe for everyone. We have served the community with dedication and commitment and have built a reputation of reliability and punctuality.

A call to us would have a response within ten minutes, with a No Obligation quote that would be competitive and precise. Our prices for services offered whilst being competitive would also give you value for money. We have no hidden or additional charges that you would incur whilst our contract is in force.

Once we have received your approval on our quote we will revert punctually and promptly. When you have completed you chores we will respond and clear our responsibilities as promised. We take our business seriously and our staff is trained to be courteous and helpful.

When you have waste it is imperative that you remove it from your premises as soon as you can. The local council is very particular that waste is not left unattended for long within any premises that come under their purview. Leaving waste for long in your premises could make you liable for prosecution by the council.

We work closely with the local councils as we are accredited and certified waste removers who have unimpeded access to all landfills monitored by them and authorized suppliers to recycling plants for different types of waste.

We would like to work closely with you too and take the burden of disposing your waste, without any hassle to you. Your waste is your responsibility that is what the local council would tell you, but we will take your responsibility on our shoulders and dispose your waste according to the rules and regulations governing their disposal. We take total responsibility for your waste once we have collected it from your premises.